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About BRIDGE (EU Project 2007-2010)

BRIDGE addresses bilateral research and industrial development

between EU and China for enhancing and integrating Grid enabled

technologies. The project has attracted major industrial and academic partners from Europe and China. The consortium consists of 13 partners, seven from Europe and six from China. Among them are industrial partners, research institutions and universities.

BRIDGE aims at demonstrating the benefi ts of Grid technology

for international cooperation, in particular between Europe and

China. BRIDGE addresses technical issues, which result from the

far distance of the collaboration partners as well as from the

conflicting goal of intense collaboration and protection of intellectual

property rights.

BRIDGE develops an interoperability interface between heterogeneous infrastructures based in Europe (GRlA) and in China (GOS). It allows in particular the execution of distributed workflows and access to distributed data repositories. Remote access to specific

analysis services will allow their controlled usage for product and

process development.